This course is a 3 year BA (|Hons) Degree in Make-up and Hair for Theatre and Media

This is a full time course that offers practical lead lessons incorporating a wide range of methods and products that are up to date with industry standards. The course offers high contact time with tutors and the ability to come in and practice when ever you require. The course covers everything from the beginning, so enables the course to suit a wide range of applicants. We cover everything from Bone structure, beauty make-up right through to body painting, airbrushing and application of prosthetic s and colouring. We have industry professionals from TV, FILM, FASHION, THEATRE and OPERA all tutoring on this course.

In Hair we begin with understanding hair types, basic roller sets, working with wigs right through to period hair, fashion styling and wig knotting.

Through class projects, college collaborations, work experience and GBMC Theatre shows you get the opportunity to practice the skills you are learning and that you are industry ready.

The course is validated by the University or Arts London and delivered by Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.

YEAR 1 – level 4

You will be introduced to a wide range of methods and products used in Make-up and Hair styling. This includes cleansing, toning and application of make-up, where you will have the time to perfect those key skills. Hair lessons begin with washing and blow drying and simple rolling techniques. As the year progresses its covers beauty make-up, period make-up, airbrushing as well as period hair and hair knotting. We also cover bald caps and simple special effects during this academic year. You get the opportunity to work on one theatre show during this year. Working on the show gives you a good insight into how make-up and hair is designed and prepare for shows in the industry.

You complete the year with an independent project that includes a professional photo shoot.

wigs hair styling

YEAR 2 – level 5

Year two is much more student lead, this enables you to really work on gathering skills and practicing them by attending work shops. Year two begins with industry practitioner lead lessons, such as bald caps, body painting, hair punching and applying and painting of prosthetic pieces. You will also begin the process of starting to make a full wig. During year 2 there are many more photo shoots, as well collaboration projects with costume and fashion students.

In your hair and make-up lessons you carry on learning period hair styling and make-ups, as well covering subjects like body painting, airbrushing body art, avant garde hair,  knotting a full wig as well as speed cutting for continuity and barbering.

You will also work on another Theatre show and this time the production and development of make-up and hair is all student lead.

The year ends with an independent project, photo shoot and presentation.

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YEAR 3 – level 6

The Third year is made up of 4 units.